10 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist

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Have a career that you can be proud of. Get into spaces and around people the average person can't. Use your artistic skillset to spready beauty and encouragement to women everywhere. 

How to Grow Your Makeup Clientele

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 Now that you have established your makeup business after reading 10 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist, it's time to make some money by getting clients in your chair. Are you ready?

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From the desk of Angel

When I first became a makeup artist, I knew nothing!! I knew I loved beauty. But I didn't know anything about navigating this industry, building clientele and a following, I didn't even know much about products. OH But I Iearned!

One of the first things I did when I decided to become a makeup artist was build a network. I started a closed Facebook Group for just makeup artists. In this group we could talk everything cosmetics, makeup artist pricing, building clientele, and everything in between. Collectively, we introduced a standard for Memphis area makeup artists. 

For the last four years, I have been building my skills and my brand while slowly working my way out of Corporate America. I now work as a  consultant focusing on finance and business analytics as well as project management. I utilize my business knowledge in my makeup business to well...make a profit. Who doesn't want to earn an honest living doing what they love?!

So now I'm offering my knowledge to you. Let's have a conversation. A private, confidential conversation about where your artistry business is and where you want to go. 

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